To my students

Regardless of age or skill level, I am honored to support you in gaining  your freedom in the water.  I passionately believe that every human should learn water safety and swimming and personally invest in each student we assist towards that effort.

For those of you who are coming to the water with anxiety or fear:  I congratulate, admire and respect you.  The water is such a foreign environment to those who are new and it takes time to build a relationship with it.   Be patient with yourself.  Honor your fears.  Nurture your strengths, even if just getting in the water is all the strength you have that day.  Promise to try one step further next time. Say hello to your discomfort, and the water, every day.   And please, utilize me as your constant supporter, I am here for you and believe in you, 110%.

For those of you who are beginner and intermediate swimmers:  Welcome back – and now, get to work!  You’ve heard it before, practice is everything.  Get in the water as often as possible – ten minutes a day will show improvement.  Repetition is key.  Dance.  Giggle.  Play.  The water will give back as much as you put in.

For parents or guardians supporting a child:  Pat yourself on the back!  Giving your child the opportunity to learn to swim is one of the best things you will ever do for them.   It teaches them respect, self-care, confidence and discipline.  However, please be patient with them as each child learns at a different rate.  I have had many struggle with the beginning concepts only to improve drastically once they get over that initial hurdle.  Conversely, I have also had students who take to the water quickly and then become stalled in the later mechanics.  Please support them where they are, encourage practice (and being brave, even if they fail) and have fun with them in the water!

Thank you for valuing water safety and freedom in your community!


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